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Public Class Schedule

4:30pm Everyone Yoga Studio - Open Level 

1:30pm SALT South - Hot Strengthen and Sweat
5:30pm Press Cafe x Yoga - Hot Vinyasa

6:00am Press Cafe x Yoga - Hot Vinyasa
7:15am Press Cafe x Yoga - Hot Vinyasa

My group classes are so fun. Easy head-boppin' music, not too loud. The main focus is on moving your body and breath with curiosity and integrity towards strength and relaxation.

If you are a true beginner or are recovering from an injury, get in touch with me to set up a private yoga session.

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"Movement exploration with Megan is one of my favorite things. Her pacing and presence are also so regulating that I'm immediately at ease. I'm thankful when I get the chance to take class with her."