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Let's Practice 

My mission is to empower beginners and those recovering from an injury to be strong in their yoga practice. 

Helping you move well is my passion. When you work with me, you will laugh, sweat, and feel 100% supported. You will also gain practical tools for balance and strength, not just in tree pose, but also in your life.

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Public Group Classes

My group classes are part mobility, part flow, part meditation, and all good. Expect to learn about yourself in a new way through a diversity of movements and practices.

Private Yoga Sessions

Each session is highly personalized to support your individual needs and goals. Those who have worked with me become more curious and engaged in their yoga practice, demonstrating an enhanced ability to move through life with ease.

Events | Series

Events and series will have specific themes and objectives deliberately chosen to support and strengthen a home and studio practice. Mobility + Yoga Series coming Fall 2019!

Let's practice.

"Megan is one of the most dedicated and knowledgeable yoga instructors in town! I immediately connected with her interests in human anatomy and appreciated the efforts that she has made to include intricate mindbody cues into all her classes. Her leadership and mentorship involvement in the yoga community speaks for itself, but it is her approachable and welcoming demeanor that makes me recommend her first to anyone looking to improve their yoga practice, either in a studio or private yoga session setting. Thank you Megan for improving my yoga practice on and off the mat!"

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