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Private Yoga Lessons created to move you

Yoga is about more than perfecting your unique downward facing dog although we can and will absolutely do that.

Yoga is both a movement practice and a state of being. There is purpose and intention behind and within every private yoga lesson. A strong and sustainable yoga practice is a refuge for a busy and full life. Meditation, mobility practices, and yoga postures are the practices and yoga, or union, is the state of being.

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My ZOOM group classes will get you lit up! The focus is on mobility, balance, core strength, and life-affirming meditation practices. Expect to learn about yourself in a new way through a diversity of movements and practices.


Attending a group class can feel daunting and inaccessible when you are new or recovering from an injury.
I'm can meet you where you are on your journey and curate a practice that is perfect for you. In place of a sedentary lifestyle and unnecessary stress (because I know you do not have time for that!), you can have balance, strength, and joy that stays with you well after your private yoga lesson.


Learn basic movements that will help you move more in everyday life. Gain the confidence to join any yoga  (or exercise) class. Enjoy learning with people who want to get their movement back, just like you.

Join me for two 2-hour workshops to help you expand and strengthen your hip and shoulder mobility.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma

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