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Megan is a powerhouse of knowledge, empathy, and just good common sense. I have known Megan for several years, but this past year she was instrumental in my recovery from cancer. By the time I'd finish chemo, I'd lost 40 lbs and much of my muscle mass. Not only that, I had forgotten how to breathe properly due to my right lung being affected by fluid build up. I had a lot to overcome and correct.

When I first started my 1-on-1 with Megan, I couldn't even stand up straight. I was weak as a kitten and only two months out from chemo. In the beginning I spent the entire hour laying on my yoga mat just learning to stretch out and breathe properly. No small chore! I would be huffing and puffing, covered in sweat, and stiff and sore for 4-5 days! I know, pretty sad. Megan knew how to guide me up to "the line"- never over it. She protected me. She gave me a thorough workout - but never hurt me or caused me to hurt myself. In four months time, working 1 hour per week, Megan guided me from weak kitten to being a better image of my former self. I rebuilt my muscles and strength, relearned proper breathing (or maybe learned it for the first time), and regained my balance and flexibility. Megan helped me unfold my muscles and relearn to stretch and extend them - she challenged me weekly! The first few weeks were tough. But I quickly went from being sore for 4-5 days to being sore for only 24 hours! Amazing!

Megan is a powerhouse of knowledge - literally! If I moved in a manner that I experienced discomfort or pain, Megan would suggest a small correction in my movement that would make everything pleasant and comfortable.

I so appreciate Megan and you will too!

- Ronda