Build Your Chaturanga |
Four Week Virtual Workshop Series

I’ve designed this series to help you develop your chaturanga skills. 


Here’s what you’ll get:

- Virtual Live and Recorded Classes

- Practices to prepare your wrists, shoulders, and spine for chaturanga.

- Core and shoulder- strengthening exercises to make your chaturanga feel like butter. 

- Slow and steady weekly practices that build in a thoughtful and progressive manner.


In this 4 week class series, you will learn all the ways you can safely practice chaturanga. We will set the foundation in the first week and progress in subsequent weeks, continually gaining awareness of how your joints move, how your muscles contract, and how you can move with more ease.


You’ll get a hybrid delivery of a weekly live class and a weekly On My Time video to practice between live sessions. This format provides structure to your learning, helps you integrate and build on the material from class, and maximizes the benefits of our time together. Plus you’ll connect with a community of students all on the same ride.


Live classes take place over Zoom every Thursday from 5-6PM EST. August 6, 13, 20, and 27. I’ll be there 10 minutes before and after class so we can hang out, Q&A, and meet each other’s pets. If you miss a class the playback will be available for one week.


A pre-recorded video will be delivered at the start of each week. You’ll learn a core or mobility technique that compliments the material from class to try out between our live sessions together. All On My Time videos for this series are yours to replay until August 31.


For props you’ll need three blocks, a blanket, and a yoga strap. Prop alternatives include big books of the roughly same size, foam roller, towel, blanket, and a scarf. Have access to a space at a wall.


Registration closes on August 5 at 4:30PM EST.

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