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8 Tips for Attending an Outdoor Yoga Class

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

1. Arrive 15 minutes early to figure out parking and yoga location.

Give yourself plenty of time to arrive, park, and find the yoga spot.

2. Bring your own yoga mat.

If you don’t own a mat, bring a beach-style towel or a tapestry. Freebie yoga mats that are available at outdoor events are rarely cleaned, if ever.

3. Pick a spot that allows you to enjoy the full outdoor experience.

Put your mat down and look around. Ensure that you can see the teacher. If the teacher has a mic or walks around, you should be able to hear them well. If they don’t, I recommend you to park your mat in the front/middle close to the teacher’s yoga mat.

4. Ensure your mat feels even under your hands and feet.

This will help you with stability and balance during class.

5. Have an open attitude and breathe in the fresh air.

Outdoor group yoga classes are so fun and can present a novel group class experience. There may be kids, animals, and other people walking by, celebrating their evening or weekend. On that note...

6. Inquire about the pet guidelines beforehand.

Some parks and spaces do not allow furry friends on the property. Good to ask beforehand!

7. Bring family and friends!

Make memories; take photos before and after class.

8. Take care of you. Outdoor classes are for all levels. Do what works for you, and rest when needed.

My current outdoor yoga class schedule:

Mother Road Market (11th and Lewis)

Saturday, October 12 + October 19 10:30am ($5) hosted by Everyone Yoga School + Studio

See you there!

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