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New Years Gift Ideas Under $30

We're officially passed the major US holidays (YAY) and are moving into 2023! I love the new year because it feels like we can all start FRESH. The transition into a new year offers a chance to re-establish and re-commit to your values and priorities, to tune in to what has gone well and what surprised you in 2022. This is also a lovely and appropriate time to set goals and intentions for 2023.

Some ideas:

  • Drink enough water daily

    • at least half your body weight in ounces

  • Ensure you're getting a good amount of movement

    • 150 minutes a week of moderate exercise

    • and/or 75 minutes a week of vigorous exercise

    • Incorporate resistance training at least two days a week

  • Prioritize 6-8 hours of sleep daily, even if it is in chunks (parents, I'm thinking of you!)

  • Load up on fruits, vegetables, and healthful protein sources

  • Meditate or engage in some life-affirming reflective practice, like journaling

  • And any other ideas that make you feel like you're taking good care of yourself, feeling your best, and being present

You probably received a gift card from your friends, clients, and loved ones! I hope this list gives you ideas for what to gift yourself to start the new year aligned and to help you move toward your goals and intentions. My good friend Kendi from @anandacounseling shared the last two options - thank you, friend! Everything is just from my experience of what helps encourage and support intentional practices.

Manduka Cork Yoga Block ($22): a good cork block is a hearty addition to a yoga and movement practice. I like a cork block for spine mobilizations, a strong seat during meditation, and a tool for sneaky shoulder strength. A few of my clients have this exact block, and they like it.

Gaiam Foam Yoga Blocks ($22): if you're like 95% of the population of people (real stat, btw) with yoga blocks, you probably only have one block and use a thick book as a second block :) time to get a matching set, friend.

Benevolance LA Mexican Blanket ($20): blankets add a nice weight to the body during savasana and meditation practice. Plus, so pretty!

Water Jug with Time Stamps from Amazon ($22.45): many of my classmates use water jugs like this! The time stamps on the bottle remind them to drink a certain amount of water throughout the day instead of just chugging 20-30 ounces several times a day.

Yoga Pose-ter for inspiration from Etsy ($15-$21 + shipping): to help you recall the names of poses and what the poses look like when you practice on your own.

Humidifier from Target ($29.99): it's VERY dry in winter - a humidifier can promote moisture on the skin and even into the sinuses. I went on an outdoor run this past week, and my nose was so dry that it started to bleed! That was my cue to bust out the humidifier. If you don't have one, this is your sign to invest in one.

Y&M gift subscription for a month ($29): gift yourself a month of the Yoga & Movement membership. There are 40+ Y&M classes and at least 1-2 weekly live classes on zoom. The classes are intentionally sequenced to improve your movement patterns, encourage mobility and stability, and help you discover practices that fill your cup. The membership is $29/month, and you can cancel anytime!

36-inch Foam roller from Amazon ($24): My clients and I love this foam roller for mobilizing the spine and rolling out the hips, calves, and side body. Just thinking about rolling out the lats made me squint my eyes. Highly recommend the longer one!

Yoga Tune-Up Therapy Plus Massage Balls ($16 + shipping): These are great for rolling along trigger points throughout the body. Some good hot spots include the upper traps, sacrum, and the bottom of the foot. I think these are on sale right now through Dec 31. Use code: CHEER15 to get 15% off right now.

DRMTLGY Universal Tinted Moisturizer SPF 46 ($20): for sun viewing in the morning. Sunscreen is an underrated aspect of health. This is the one I use every day, sometimes twice a day. *affiliate link MAPI Ayurvedic Herbal Tea for your Dosha ($5): hot tea is like a warm hug from the inside out. My good friend Kendi, an Ayurvedic wellness counselor, gave me a box of Vata tea as a gift, which is so good! As a Pitta-Vata person, I also plan to grab a box of pitta tea. These are usually $10 for a box, but they are on sale for $5.

Farmtrue Grassfed Maple Chai Ghee ($10): Another stellar suggestion from Kendi! Use this on breakfast toast or cook your delicious vegetables this winter.

>>>>>>>> Let me know which item from this list is your favorite <<<<<<<<

Happy New Year - ready for 2023!

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