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Interested in joining the Y&M membership? Read this.

Hi there! Thanks for considering joining our Yoga & Movement membership. My name is Megan Spears, and I am a private yoga teacher and 2nd-year doctor of physical therapy student. I have been teaching yoga for eight years, and my goal is to help people, especially beginners, incorporate high-quality yoga and movement into their daily lives.

I started sharing online pre-recorded classes in 2020 due to the closure or limited class sizes at yoga studios during the pandemic. As the class library grew, I invited more people to join the membership. I'm excited to share these practices with you and help you reach your goals. You can learn more about me on my website.

The membership includes access to a growing library of over 40 classes (with 1-2 new classes added each week) ranging from 2-75 minutes in length. The classes are divided by time, body region, and type, so you can find classes that fit your schedule and focus on specific areas of the body. There is also a weekly live class for those who want in-person accountability and feedback.

To log in, simply sign up and create an account on the member site (or access it through the sign-in portal on my main website). The cost is $29/month with no time commitment - you can cancel anytime through your member portal.

In addition to myself, the membership includes guest meditation teacher Amy Jenkins, whose mission is to "hold up a mirror that reminds you just how perfect, beautiful, whole & complete you already are" and create more goodness and beauty in the world. You can learn more about Amy on her website.

I (Megan) am also on the website support team and will respond to inquiries within 24 hours during the week and 48 hours during the weekend (unless otherwise specified). If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to reach out to me at

If you're ready to join us, sign up for the membership here. We can't wait to practice with you on the mat!



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