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CA Trip (1/4) Napa Valley

Updated: Jun 7, 2021

We were supposed to go to Portugal. We bought plane tickets and travel insurance. We planned our whole itinerary - where we would explore, eat, stay (cute hotels for fantastic prices), and prepare to be ridiculous and obvious tourists. We even "studied" by watching Anthony Bourdain's Portugal episode of "No Reservations." So when the flights were canceled due to covid restrictions, we went back to the drawing board.

After a year+ of quarantine and finishing up the final year of my undergraduate degree, we knew we needed to move around. I wanted to feel independent and explore the land. I wanted to fill the days by going to historical landmarks, cute coffee shops, trying local wine, and walking as much as possible. To me, this sounded way more relaxing than posting up at a pool at an all-inclusive resort.

So with this in mind, we choose to do a road trip in California. We started in Napa - an incredible place to begin our honeymoon trip.

Saintsbury Winery

Matilija Poppy, or fried egg plant.

Couple’s first winery

We walked the square in downtown Napa, explored residential areas, enjoyed two intimate wineries (Saintsbury and Aum Cellars), stayed in a cute airbnb, and hiked along Skyline Wilderness Park.

We were there two nights and three days - just long enough to miss it when we left. I may have opened up Zillow a time or two, just to see what it would be like to land there for good. Can’t wait to go back. Tune in to my next blog post to see photos from San Francisco and Mill Valley.

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