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CA Trip (2/4) San Francisco and Mill Valley

After exploring Napa, we made our way to San Francisco and Mill Valley.

Redwoods in Muir Woods

We heard the coolest (eeeie) sound going over the Golden Gate Bridge

We thoroughly enjoyed hiking and exploring nature in these parts, specifically Lyon Street, Presidio Park, Muir Woods, and Muir Beach.

Lyon Street Steps

Favorite spot in San Francisco - Presidio Park

Boot jack Trail - 8 mile hike in Muir Woods
Muir beach overlook

Whale skeleton on Muir Beach

Didn’t like hiking at all.

We mostly packed our own meals during our trip. Dried figs, fig bars, chocolate (with hazelnuts), sandwich fixings, fruit, and water. Everything we packed was reminiscent of a kid's lunch pack, which brought me an immense amount of joy.

We did get dressed up for dinner one evening in the San Francisco. We went to Burma Superstar, a Burmese restaurant. It was delicious! I highly recommend checking it out and, when you go, order the Burmese Tea Leaf salad. It was fire.

We can't wait to go back to San Francisco and Mill Vallery/Muir Woods area. We truly only scratched the surface. Even so, we left the Bay area with full hearts and clean clothes (thanks AirBnb host). Our next stop - Yosemite.

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